A new web page on the Northeast Ocean Data Portal compiles key information and maps about the many active offshore wind projects in the region. The new page can be found by clicking “Current Issues” in the site navigation menu and selecting “Offshore Wind Projects”.

The information on the new Offshore Wind Projects overview page is gathered from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and other public sources. The page mirrors the structure of BOEM’s own Regulatory Roadmap and shows the steps required for acquiring and developing an offshore wind commercial lease on the Outer Continental Shelf.

The page provides a listing of all active renewable energy leases in the US Northeast with links to interactive maps for each. The list can be sorted by lease number, lessee, or state.

At the bottom of the page, a table displays each active offshore wind project in the region with checkboxes to show the steps on the Regulatory Roadmap that have been completed or are in progress. The table includes operational projects and projects under review by BOEM.

When BOEM issues a Notice of Intent to develop an Environmental Impact Statement for a project (step 4B in the table), the Portal will receive project-specific data from BOEM, such as a proposed project footprint and proposed cable route. At that point, the Portal will develop a page specifically for that project to share maps, documents, and information about public meetings, as it has already done for Vineyard Wind 1.

Screenshot of Offshore Wind Projects Overview