Ongoing and Planned Surveys

This page provides a sortable list of bathymetric surveys currently in progress or planned for the Northeast region. Additionally, use the Search control to filter the list. Data from these surveys will be posted on the multibeam sonar surveys page when they become available.

This ArcGIS Online web map from NOAA shows additional planned survey boundaries, some of which may be subject to change.

Do you know of additional surveys that should be listed? Contact us.

5CTNew London - City Pier20132013NOAAS-B903-NRT5-13D00177
9DEDelaware Bay - Cape May Point20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12568
9DEDelaware Bay - Overfalls Shoal20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12569
9DEDelaware Bay - offshore East Cape Henlopen20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12570
9DEDelaware Bay - McCrie Shoal and vicinity20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12571
9DEDelaware Bay - South Cape Henlopen - 5 Fathom Bank Traffic Lane20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12572
9DEDelaware Bay - Northeast Cape Henlopen - 5 Fathom Bank Traffic Lane20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12573
9DEDelaware Bay - offshore North Cape Henlopen20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13H12605
3MABoston Harbor20122012NOAAS-A915-NRT5-12F00611
3MAMerrimack River - entrance to Merrimack River20122012NOAAS-A930-NRT5-12F00619
3MANew Inlet20122012NOAAS-A929-NRT5-12F00620
3MARhode Island Sound and Approaches - 5 NM west of Nomans Land2014-06-262014-06-26NOAAH12707
10MDCentral Chesapeake Bay - northeast of Point NO Point20132013NOAAOPR-E349-BH2-12H12305
2NHGulf of Maine - offshore - vicinity of Bigelow Bight2014-05-302014-05-30NOAAOPR-A321-FH-14H12698
7NJLower NY Harbor and Sandy Hook - New York Pier20132013NOAAS-B917-NRT5-13D00178
7NJLower NY Harbor and Sandy Hook - West Sandy Hook20132013NOAAS-B917-NRT5-13D00179
7NJLower NY Harbor and Sandy Hook - approach to and at the USCG Station at Sandy Hook20132013NOAAS-B917-NRT5-13D00180
7NJDelaware Bay - offshore Egg Inlet20132013NOAAOPR-D332-TJ-13F00631
7NJApproaches to New York Harbor - Raratan Bay to Navesink River20132013NOAAOPR-B310-KR1-13H12587
7NJSouthern Approaches to New York and vicinity - east of Sandy Hook20132013NOAAOPR-C319-KR-13H12608
7NJSouthern Approaches to New York and vicinity - vicinity of Shrewsbury Rocks20132013NOAAOPR-C319-KR-13H12609
7NJSouthern Approaches to New York and vicinity - 5 NM east of Long Branch20132013NOAAOPR-C319-KR-13H12610
7NJBarnegat Inlet & vicinity - outside source data20132013NOAAOSD-AHB-14W00279
6NYLower NY Harbor and Sandy Hook - Marine West of Gil Hidges Memorial Bridge20132013NOAAS-B917-NRT5-13D00181
6NYNew York Harbor and Approaches - Lower Bay to Jamaica Bay20132013NOAAOPR-B310-KR-13H12604
6NYEast Rockaway Inlet to Zachs Bay20142014NOAAOPR-C301-KR-13H12607
6NYEastern Long Island Sound - Eastern Plain Point to Pine Point20142014NOAAOPR-B370-TJ-14H12679
4RIBuzzards Bay and approaches - Point Judith Neck20142014NOAAOPR-B367-TJ-14H12651
4RIRhode Island Sound and approaches - 5 NM southeast of Block Island2014-06-232014-06-23NOAAOPR-307-FH-14H12700
4RIRhode Island Sound and Approaches - 10 NM southeast of Block Island2014-08-202014-08-20NOAAH12702