Multibeam Sonar Surveys

Multibeam sonar is the state-of-the-art technology used by NOAA and other organizations for mapping water depths, or bathymetry. Below is a sortable list of multibeam sonar datasets from 2003-2013 that are available for the Northeast region. Hover over a listing to see an index map. Click on a record for more information and a link to download the data. Downloads must be selected one at a time, and only files smaller than 1GB can be downloaded. To download large files, go to the file download page or the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center.

3MANahant - Gloucester2004-05-085MA / USGS
3MACape Ann - Salisbury Beach2005-09-205MA / USGS
3MADuxbury - Hull20075MA / USGS
3MANorthern Cape Cod Bay2008-05-075MA / USGS
3MARed Brook Harbor2009-11-071MA / USGS
3MACuttyhunk2010-092.5MA / USGS
3MABuzzards Bay2011-05-175MA / USGS
3MAVineyard Sound20115MA / USGS
3MAChatham Harbor2009-09-301NOAA
1MEGulf of Maine - Scantum Basin2013-09-134, 8, 16NOAA
3MAApproaches to Boston Harbor2005-08-082, 2.5NOAA
5CTNew London Harbor2006-06-30.75NOAA
4RIAnchorages in East Passage2006-07-11.75NOAA
1MEApproaches to Portland2005-08-31.75NOAA
6NY63rd Street Tunnel2007-03-19.75NOAA
3MAMinots Ledge2007-09-14.75NOAA
3MABarnstable Harbor2007-09-172NOAA
2NHPortsmouth Harbor and Piscataqua River2008-05-29.2, .5NOAA
4RIProvidence River and Narragansett Bay2008-08-14.5NOAA
6NYSoutheast Extension of Ambrose Channel2008-09-052NOAA
5CTNew London Harbor2009-04-27.5NOAA
6NYSouthern Mahatten Field Examinations2009-10-15.5NOAA
1ME3 NM southeast of York Harbor2009-10-051, 2NOAA
6NY28 NM southeast of Shinnecook Inlet2009-11-101NOAA
6NYSouth of Stockport Middle Ground2010-11-261NOAA
6NYNew York Harbor - Yonkers to the George Washington Bridge2013-4-301, 2NOAA
1MEVicinity of Boon Island2011-10-05.5, 2NOAA
6NYNY Harbor and Vicinity2012-11-06.5NOAA
6NYNY Harbor and Vicinity2012-11-031, 2, 4NOAA
6NYNew York Harbor - Jamica Bay2012-11-061NOAA
6NYNew York Harbor - Liberty and Ellis Islands2013-04-29.5NOAA
3MAQuicks Hole2004-09-01.5, 1, 2, 5NOAA
3MAGreat Round Shoal2004-11-022NOAA
5CTGoshen Point to Black Point2004-03-054NOAA
5CTGoshen Point to Black Point2004-03-054NOAA
6NYThe Race2003-11-015NOAA
6NYTruman Beach to Inlet Point2008-10-27.5, 2NOAA
6NYWest of Six Mile Reef2004-11-151NOAA
6NY4 NM north of Roanoke Point Shoal2004-10-132NOAA
3MAGloucester Harbor2003-09-17.5NOAA
2NHRye Harbor and Isle of Shoals2005-09-125NOAA
4RIWest Passage2004-07-292NOAA
3MAEdgartown Harbor2004-09-273NOAA
6NYEast River2004-08-04.4NOAA
6NYJacobs Point to Albany Rock2004-11-111NOAA
6NYSixmile Reef2004-11-15.5, 1, 2NOAA
6NYGravesend Bay2006-11-002NOAA
3MAWildcat Knoll2005-08-074, 6NOAA
5CTNew London Harbor and Approaches2005-05-22.4NOAA
5CTApproaches to Niantic River2005-05-06.4NOAA
6NYNorth shore of Plum Island2008-10-01.5, 1, 2NOAA
6NYOrient Point to Terry Point2008-10-21.5, 2NOAA
1MEApproaches to Portland2005-08-311NOAA
7NJSeagirt to Chadwick Beach2006-09-151NOAA
6NYLower Bay to Rockaway Inlet2006-10-221NOAA
3MAFour NM northeast of Manoment Point2007-07-132NOAA
3MANE Approaches to Cape Cod Bay2007-11-06.7, 1, 2, 3NOAA
6NY2 NM northeast of Sandy Hook2007-09-271NOAA
6NYRockaway Beach: Rockaway Point to Silver Point2009-11-09.5, 4NOAA
3MABoston Inner Harbor2009-09-14.5, 2NOAA
3MAPresident Roads2007-09-14.5, 5NOAA
6NY6 NM east of Sandy Hook2008-07-142NOAA
3MAGay Head to Cedar Tree Neck2008-09-08.5, 2NOAA
3MASow and Pigs Reef2008-09-08.5NOAA
4RI8 NM west of Gay Head2008-08-222NOAA
4RIProvidence River and North Narragansett Bay2008-08-15.5, 2NOAA
4RIEast Passage2011-09-19.5, 1, 2, 4NOAA
4RIConanicut Point to Warwick2008-08-13.5, 4NOAA
4RI7 NM south of Point Judith2008-09-302NOAA
4RI10 NM southeast of Point Judith2008-10-012NOAA
6NY3 NM north of Mulford Point2008-10-292NOAA
6NY5 NM north of Duck Pond Point2008-10-29.5, 2NOAA
3MACross Rip Shoal2009-05-04.5, 1NOAA
4RI7 NM east of Block Island's Balls North Point2009-05-192NOAA
4RIEast Shore of Block Island: '1BI' buoy to Old Harbor Point2009-08-19.5, 2NOAA
4RI4 NM south of Point Judith2009-08-25.5, 1, 2NOAA
5CT3 NM south of the entrance to the Connecticut River2009-04-302NOAA
5CTThe entrance to the Connecticut River2009-05-171NOAA
4RI3 NM south of Weekapaug Point2009-10-14.5, 1, 2NOAA
4RIPoint Judith to Green Hill Point2009-10-14.5, 1NOAA
4RIWest Shore of Block Island: Sandy Point to Bluff Head2009-08-21.5, 2NOAA
6NYSouth of Rockaway Point, Queens2009-10-20.5, 2NOAA
4RIWest Passage2011-08-231NOAA
4RIEast Passage2009-08-18.5, 4NOAA
4RI6 NM west of Block Island2009-08-212NOAA
6NYRockaway Beach: Seaside to Silver Point2009-10-26.5, 2NOAA
4RI5 NM west of Block Island2009-08-312NOAA
4RISakonnet Point to Newport2009-08-27.5, 4NOAA
6NY14 NM east of Sandy Hook Point2009-11-09.5, 2NOAA
1MESouthern Penobscot Bay2010-09-28.5, 1, 2, 4, 8NOAA
1MEFalls Island, Dennys Bay and Whiting Bay2010-09-271, 2NOAA
1MECobscook Bay2010-10-131, 2NOAA
1MEEastern Cobscook Bay and Friar Roads2010-10-261, 2, 4, 8NOAA
1MEPassamaquoddy Bay2010-10-251, 2, 4NOAA
4RIGreen Hill to Watch Hill2011-10-23.5, 1, 2, 4NOAA
6NY3 NM southeast of Fisher Island2011-11-16.5, 1, 2, 4, 8NOAA
6NYVicinity of Cerberus Shoal2011-11-15.5, 1, 2, 4, 5NOAA
4RIApproaches to the East and West Passage2011-10-111, 2, 4NOAA
6NY7 NM southeast of Montauk Point2011-11-16.5, 2, 4NOAA
5CTApproaches to Norwalk2012-09-27.5, 2NOAA
5CTOffshore of Norwalk2012-09-27.5, 1, 2NOAA
6NYApproaches to Northport2012-09-21.5, 2, 4NOAA
6NYNorthport Basin to Nissequogue River2012-08-22.5NOAA
6NYOffshore of Smithtown Bay2012-06-27.5, 2NOAA
6NYCrane Neck Pt to Port Jefferson, NY2012-06-28.5, 2, 4NOAA
6NY5 NM southeast of Montauk Point2013-05-08.5, 2, 4NOAA
6NY5 NM south of Block Island2012-10-254NOAA
4RI3 NM south of Block Island2012-08-29.5, 2, 4NOAA
6NYNorth Shore Beach to Herod Point Shoal2012-05-23.5, 2NOAA
6NY4 NM north of Herod Point Shoal2012-05-302NOAA
1MELarge Green Island20121, 2, 4, 8NOAA
1MESouthern Triangles2012-08-201, 2, 4NOAA
5CT4 NM south of Guilford Point2012-10-17.5, 2NOAA
5CT4 NM south of Falkner Island2012-10-101, 2NOAA
6NYOffshore Approaches to New Haven2012-11-06.5, 2NOAA
6NYJacobs Point to Mattituck Inlet2013-04-20.5, 2NOAA
6NYMattituck Inlet to Greenport2013-04-20.5, 2NOAA
5CTVicinity of Falkner Island2012-11-06.5, 2NOAA
6NYEast of Nissequogue River to Crane Neck Point NY2012-08-07.5, 2NOAA
5CTCedar Point to Frost Point2012-09-27.5, 2, 4NOAA
7NJNorthwest of Toms Canyon2012-06-228, 16NOAA
7NJVicinity of Block Canyon2012-06-248, 16NOAA
1MEPortland Harbor2012-07-19.5, 1NOAA
5CTNorth Shore of Long Island Sound - Saybrook Outer Bar to Salt Works Bay2014-05-291, 2NOAA
5CTNorth Shore of Long Island Sound - Duck Island to Madison Reef2014-11-06.5, 1NOAA
6NYApproaches to New York - 6 NM south of Jones Inlet2013-05-28.5, 2NOAA
7NJVicinity of Barnegat Inlet2013-10-30.5, 1, 4NOAA
6NYVicinity of Southern Long Island - north of Fire Island2014-01-13.5, 2NOAA
6NYVicinity of Southern Long Island - Shinnecock Inlet2014-02-12.5, 2NOAA
6NYVicinity of Southern Long Island - Moriches Inlet2013-12-31.5, 1, 2NOAA
6NYVicinity of Southern Long Island Sound - south of Jones Beach Island2014-06-23.5NOAA
1MEVicinity of Isles of Shoals2013-09-08.5, 2, 4NOAA
1MEHampton Beach to Little Boars Head2013-09-13.5, 2, 4NOAA
1MEYork Harbor Entrance to Cape Neddick2013-09-09.5, 2, 4NOAA
6NYApproaches to New York - Offshore - 14 NM southeast of Sandy Hook Point2013-11-062, 4NOAA
6NYApproaches to New York - Offshore - 11 NM northeast of Shark River Inlet2013-11-062, 4NOAA
6NYOffshore - Vicinity of Cholera Bank2013-11-221, 2NOAA
1MEMidcoast Maine - Boothbay Harbor, Linekin Bay, Ocean Point2015-11.5ME/BOEM
1MEMidcoast Maine - Southeast of Kennebec River Mouth2015-114ME/BOEM
1MESouthern Maine - Southeast of Wells2014-102ME/BOEM
3MA12 NM southeast of Scituate Harbor2003-09-195, 10NOAA
3MA6 NM north of Provincetown2003-10-045, 10NOAA
3MA7 NM northeast of Cohasset Harbor2003-09-135, 10NOAA
3MA15 NM northeast of Scituate Harbor2003-10-045, 10NOAA
3MA14 NM north of Provincetown2003-10-045, 10NOAA
3MAMassachusetts Bay200310NOAA
3MAMassachusetts Bay20035, 10NOAA
3MA6 NM east of Marblehead Harbor2003-09-175NOAA
3MA7 NM east of Eastern Point2003-09-175NOAA
3MA20 NM east of Eastern Point2003-09-3010NOAA
3MA8 NM east of Rockport Harbor2003-10-0110NOAA
3MA20 NM east of Rockport Harbor2003-10-0110NOAA
3MA15 NM northeast of Halibut Point2003-10-022, 4NOAA
3MA15 NM northeast of Halibut Point2003-10-022, 4NOAA
3MA15 NM northeast of Halibut Point2003-10-022, 4NOAA
3MA15 NM northeast of Halibut Point2003-10-022, 4NOAA
1MEApproaches to Portland2005-08-311NOAA
2NHCoast of Gerrish Island2006-06-15.5, 1NOAA
3MA2 NM north of Cape Ann2004-03-162, 4NOAA
3MAProvincetown, Caches and Fippennies Ledges2005-09-152, 4, 8NOAA
1MESouthwest off Provincetown, MA to the North and East, Caches & Fippennies Ledges2005-09-151, 2, 4, 8NOAA
2NHWhite Island to Smuttynose Island2009-06-201NOAA
2NHOffshore of Gerrish and Cutts Island2012-06-22.5, 1, 2NOAA
1MEIsle of Shoals - Appledore Island/Gosport Harbor2005-06-201, 2NOAA
1MECastine Harbor and Bagaduce River2008-06-20.5, 1NOAA
1MESmuttynose Island to Duck Island2010-06-221, 2NOAA
2NHPortsmouth Harbor - Fort Point2007-06-15.5NOAA
1MEKittery - South Gerrish Island2007-06-071NOAA
2NHApproaches to Portsmouth Harbor - south of White Island2007-06-151NOAA